Since the beginning of the Záhrada Cultural Center renovation, we have always tried to provide a conducive atmosphere for dialogue before and after the event. We have managed to create a place where you may enjoy a cup of coffee during the day and spend an exciting evening. The café, and a night bar on weekends, is an integral part of the cultural center, which has become a place for you and us to meet, communicate, learn and discover.


The most beautiful seasons of this space are the spring and summer months when all the life moves to the fruit garden, which is connected to the interior by huge glazing, giving the place a fantastic atmosphere.

Sometimes the café appears more like a "public living room," and new visitors may not welcome such an atmosphere. But it is just like that because we want this facility to be not just an ordinary café, but a place for remarkable and quiet moments where you can relax, work, have fun, laugh, be inspired, or just live.


- A dog can sniff you because we are dog-friendly.

- Sometimes, there is silence because someone is creating art in the venue.

- There may be noise when the venue is being prepared for the evening.

- There may be many children or a breastfeeding mother sitting on the couch because we are kids-friendly.

- There may be many people here because different communities meet here.

- There may be various people because they mistake it for the pub

… And you can be here too because we'd love to see you here!


The Záhrada Cultural Centre is situated in the courtyard of houses number 16 (Beniczky house) and 18 on SNP Square in the historic center of Banská Bystrica. The area is overshadowed by the original fruit garden with a torso of a period fountain. The main building with café, Z1 venue, and facilities is designed as a ground floor building with the partially used first floor and is connected to the fruit garden by enormous glazing. It is possible to fully connect the Z1 venue and the café by moving the partition. There are also a smaller Z2 venue and a workshop in the complex.

Café: (86.5 m2) 

A cozy café with a capacity of about 60 people, overlooking the garden and with a fireplace, it also includes a small co-working area and a day guest room above the café.

Z1 venue: (104.5 m2) 

A multipurpose hall, with variable seating (elevation) and stage, includes a backstage, guest room, toilets and showers, and technical storage. The venue is suitable for concerts, theatre and dance performances, community events, etc. 

Café + Z1 venue: (191 m2) 

The multipurpose venue is separated from the café by the folding partition. By removing this division, it can be used as a single open room with a bar (it has two levels with one step across the middle of the room).

Z2 venue: (57 m2) 

A smaller hall (rehearsal room) near the main building can host about sixty people. The room is suitable for discussions, lectures, screenings, and artistic residencies.

Záhrada: (1944m2) 

A large garden with fruit trees closely linked to the interior, serving as a public park, outdoor gallery, and stage.