2 percentá pre Záhradu

Záhrada is a space, organization, public park, cultural center and much more.

It requires a lot of energy and resources to build, maintain, revitalize and keep it going. Enthusiasm, time and motivation are the basis, but without financial resources they would "only" last for a few years. Záhrada has been here for 11 years, trying to find opportunities for multi-source funding to meet the needs of space, organization, park and cultural centre. Each of these forms requires its resources, thanks to which we can renovate and maintain the space, but also reward people for their work, which is demanding and often exceeds the available financial means.

Thanks to the 2% assignation of your taxes, you have already enabled us to purchase a number of things that directly or indirectly affect the quality of your stay at Záhrada.


please download documents here and here


You can also support us by buying a T-shirt, which was one of the rewards from the fundraising campaign in 2020.

Záhrada and designer Michaela Hriňová found a natural path to each other and decided to collaborate on the occasion of Záhrada's 10th anniversary. And they invited Lasky to cooperate, too! However, it is not just about "some" T-shirts. We have created a story, an experience that tells what you and we have gone through. These are the moments, experiences, memories.

You can order T-shirts via email zahradacnk@gmail.com.

You can choose from 3 designs with working titles such as "Lasky", "Jelínek" and "Donny Benét".

T-shirts are black or white in sizes S - M - L - XL - XXL